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In my free SEO training course I have included double the information that would usually be included in such a course.

  1. The email SEO module – This includes over 25 individual emails full of a wealth of information on SEO from start to beginning.
  2. The SEO video module/membership – Over 20 videos on SEO of which I previously was charging $49 for… yours now free!

A look at just some of the SEO subjects we cover…

  • The truth about search engines and submissions to them.
  • How to get your site or any web page indexed within 24 hours.
  • How to optimize your title text properly for multiple rankings.
  • How to optimize pages using the right keywords to significantly increase sales.
  • How to obtain backlinks to smaller 2nd tier sales pages quickly and easily.
  • How to find and get links from authority sites without paying any money.
  • How to get inbound links from themed content website pages at very little cost.
  • Web 2.0 marketing and how to go about it successfully

And the list go on as this is the tip of the ice burg. To grab your free SEO training course now fill in your details below…

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