Views On Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI

Leslie Rhodes over at has recently put out a video claiming that…

  1. Latent sematic indexing is not used by the search engines.
  2. That the search engines use a much better and more advanced way of determining what keywords have meaning to each other.

Unfortunately his examples of taking high competition keywords as singular and plural in the rankings just does not strand up due to the input of other algorithms.

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WordPress SEO Plugins

An assorted range of free SEO plugins and scripts for wordpress.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator | WordPress plugin – Creates drop down menu’s of categories, sub categories, and posts. Java application therefore all catergory links are hidden from the serach engines.

SEO Title Tag | WordPress plugin – Allows you to place a different title tag from the one used in the wordpress “post” box.

Add Link Attribute | WordPress plugin – Allows you to add link atrributes to all links on your wordpress blog.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin | WordPress plugin – Ads meta description and keywords to your wordpress posts.

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Does Your Business Need SEO – Marketing Cost Comparison Calculator

What are your current marketing costs per website visitor? If you have no idea you certainly need to find out as SEO could be a much cheaper alternative.

As discussed in an earlier SEM post, small business has been slow to take up SEO and SEM as an alternative marketing method.

One of the main reasons for this hesitation is the belief that SEO is expensive which is simply not the case.

Your Current Marketing Costs

To draw some comparison we have to work out your current marketing costs per visitor to your website.

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