A Different Pace – Bali Break

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Well, I finally got away for that much needed break!

I am currently sitting in a lovely resturant in my hotel in Bali… a cold beer on the table and lounging around in a surong and tank top.

Another week or so before coming back to the office so hope to get in some sun and sights.

Will post further notes during the day and hopefully throw up some pics as well!


Our main stay – bungalows in Seminyak.

Balinese rice fields.

Loaded up with purchases and heading back to our main stay from Ubud, a country town in Bali.

Kintimani, volcano lake.

Me and John enjoying a balinese coffe after the two hour ride up to Kintimani… and me trying to warm up as I only rode up in a t-shirt!

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