Internet Marketing Secrets – “If you’ve been looking to farm-out your SEO to an honest and reliable bunch, then Catdynamics, the people behind HRD, may be just what you’re looking for. In addition to SEO service, they also offer directory and RSS submissions for you. The price is certainly right and it’s definitely worth a look…”

Michael Campbell - Founder of many SEO methods since 1997, leading SEO Specialist & Author
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“We’ve used other SEO firms several times for different projects, and Catdynamics is by far the best that we have seen. Knowledgeable, competent and complete work delivered without overselling.”

Todd, Chinese Herbs HLL Director

“I am an accomplished web developer and Search Engine Optimizer with top 5 rankings for my most important keywords in two different fields. Even so, the value Chris provides through Catdynamics SEO cannot be ignored. I purchased numerous Catdynamics SEO services to support and augment my work. I am completely happy and will budget for his services with all new website launches.”

Jason Odom, Director

“Highly recommended as SEO pro. The only one I have found that could do this work with quality and to know when I wanted work done in KRA, talked about jiggling the web, LSI, siloing, theming etc. A pro who know how to use WP-blogs for SEO and can help from start to finish.”

Gert Strand, Gert Strand AB

“I have used Catdynamics for installing all my (multiple language) blogs and optimizing them for SEO purposes and I have found them to be very user friendly and nothing was too much of a hassle. The help that I got from them was above and beyond what I had contracted them for. I would personally use them again if the need arose and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in using an SEO service.”

Willie Hill, Director

“I received exactly what I was looking for. Excellent Job. I highly recommend Catdynamics team to anyone looking for SEO expertise.”

Andrzej, Edith Yeung, Marketing Manager