Website Content

Website Content

Backing Up Your Website And Blog

Are you backing up your websites?

I realize this subject has been millions of times online but it is still quite surprising how many webmasters fail to back up their websites.

Although you may have your html pages on your pc or at your web designers, there are still all of the other pages and information your site holds to consider.

Information such as

  • Email accounts
  • Blog platforms
  • Forums
  • MySQL databases
  • Statistics
  • And the list goes on…
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The About Page on Your Website – The Molecular Measure of Your Business Character

Good business means not being the most mysterious for your customers.   Loyal customers need to have some idea of who you are and what makes you tick.
The About Us Page on your website is most likely the first place that they will look.  You have an opportunity here to lay the foundation for an ongoing business relationship or to wreck the future of any business relationship.
The About Us page can double for a contact page with specific contact information.  Regardless of warnings about Internet security, your customers are not all stalkers who shouldn’t know your address. More of them are people leary of someone operating solely in cyberspace.  They feel more comfortable with a brick and mortar address to which they can snail mail some communication.  They will learn more about your business culture by knowing your geographical location.
A real telephone number and customer service or support resource for your business is essential for your success.  A chat option is very appealing to customers, right up there with the telephone contact.  The Chat Option could be your instant messenger or Skype ID being activated to respond to a question or contact.

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Get Continually Returning Customers Using Great Site Content

Site content would have to be one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts as it induces a customer to purchase and also come back for repeat business.

It is no good getting a customer to your site if it’s poorly built or uninformative. Unlike traditional business, where a customer builds a relationship with the business or shop owner, the customer can only build a relationship through the website itself. It is therefore critically important to have a website that incorporates these items:

1. Clear, concise and easy to navigate.

A. The first or second paragraph should tell customers what the website is about.
B. Keep your pages simple and concise.
C. Make sure your pages load quickly with properly editored html.
D. Graphics are nice, however the make the pages load slowly.
E. Make sure all pages are linked and navigation bars are easy to find and use.
D. Too many banners can annoy customers and make your site look unprofessional.

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