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Small Business Failing To Invest In Search Marketing

Microsoft has recently put out an interesting on small businesses thoughts and willingness to use search marketing and ppc.

Although the report could hardly be called representitive of small business (400 sample size), it does give a decent snap shot on why small businesses are not using SEM.

“The study revealed that 59 percent of small businesses with Web sites don’t currently use paid search marketing, and of those, 90 percent have never even attempted it.”

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Traffic Secrets 2.0

If you don’t know the name John Reese you must be living in a cage! Well it’s been 4 years since he launched traffic secrets and his now doing the pre launch for traffic secrets 2.0.

In these couple of videos his gives some very good general information on how to go about getting traffic by various means including web2.0 and SEO. He also talks a lot about content and building/obtaining a larger percentage of content on the web which make good sense.

I love John’s work as it is always in the main always backed up by solid research.

The only downside of his last traffic secrets was the sheer volume of information. One of the biggest problems faced by most online marketers is that they try to do many marketing tactics at once.

This is fantastic if you have the budget and resources to do so but if you are a solopreneur or a micro business you will be spreading yourself too thin and getting no where fast.

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Stompernet Site Seer – Nothing New Here

I have a lot of respect for the guys over at Stompernet as they are some of the best marketing talents online. However I must say that their new free tool ‘site seer’ is pretty much a let down.

Most of the on page optimization is a tutorial which can be gained at thousands of places online and not specific to your own site.

The rest of the search engine information can be gained by using dozens of free tools some of which give much better and more precise information.

If you are an absolute newbie, some of this information may be very helpful however there is very little instruction if any on what your next steps may be.

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Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition

I’m sure everyone has either heard of Joel Comm or has his book “Adsense Secrets”. Joel is also a New York Times Best seller for the book “The AdSense Code”.

After a long two years he is about to launch “Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition” but with a bit of a twist.

As a thank you for all the support he has received over the last few years he is making the new Google Adsense Secrets 2008 edition available for only $9.95!

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Why Google Universal Search Will Fail

I have been a huge fan of Google since coming online. Even before I got into internet marketing and SEO, Google was the first and only search engine I used as their results were the most relevant even back then.

That being said, I think they’re new universal search will only help two distinct groups of people… webmasters and researchers.

The Searcher…

The simple fact of the matter is… when people search, they already have in mind the type of format in which they wish the information to be presented.

For instance, if someone is looking for “how to information”, you may get some people who will consider both video and text however a large majority of people will already have a preference of one over the other.

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Yuwie Social Network To Become More Popular Than Myspace?

Will Yuwie be the next big free social network media site to out perform myspace?

Since myspace found its way to the web some years ago, social networking sites have been spring up all over the place. They now come in all forms and shapes such as,, to name just a few and many more.

So why, when Myspace has such a big following and online presence would Yuwie even come close to making a dint in this market place?

Its has all the same features as Myspace such as friends, a blog, photo album, broadcasts and much more but the one huge difference is that is pays it social network members for just going about their usual social activities.

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