Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Writing A Great SEO Press Release

It seems that the latest craze is to right a press release every two weeks or month simply to acquire more backlinks for rankings. The question that then comes to mind is… how effective is this in increasing rankings and is it the best (or worst) option long term?

So before we answer this question, we really need to take a step back and ask… what is a press release?

A press release is a statement of news.

News of your new site, a new product you are launching, new free services for customers, additional areas of the industry you are looking to move into, comments and insights you have on current industry trends and so on.

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Live Help Software Services Tips

1. Ensure that your live help link or image is always at the top of the page or in a prominent position so that the customer can clearly view it when landing on the page.

2. Only put live help on your most important pages. Getting a pop-up on every page a customer visits will drive them away.

3. Set up your automatic push settings immediately after installation. Have a clear understanding of your pages content and the time it takes to read so that your automatic pop-up triggers at the most appropriate time.

4. Make sure that operators are well trained and versed with the products benefits and features. Nothing worse than a customer service representative that doesn’t know their stuff and keeps you waiting while locating specific information.

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3 Best Web Traffic Books

Need just the best tips for getting a ton of web traffic?

Or want some really of the greatest marketing and advertising advice ever put to paper?

Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to get your head around online business, how it works, planning, setting up your website and more? …. well these three books are a great place to start!

1. Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is by far one of the best and well known advertising books not ony on the internet but also around the world.

Hopkins is literally one of the “founding fathers” of modern, current day advertising! This extremelly well written book with give you a wealth of information starting with advertising laws, offering service, headlines, buyer pyschology, strategies right through to letter writing and more!

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Aweber – Still The Best Autoresponder

It seems like an age since I wrote my last article or anything at all on autoresponders! The last was regarding Awebers ability to deliver over and 90% of it’s messages to subscribers

Well, I’m here once again to just say how great their system is due to all the many addons and features but mainly due to their delivery rates… which of course equals increased sales for any business online. (what we’re all looking for)

And just recently they have improved they’re service once again…

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