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Quotes On Motivation

Business in many ways is about having a dream and then moving towards it.

Here are a number of quotes on motivation that I think are very poignant in regards to moving towards and succeeding at your business dreams.

Carl Jung - Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

Harriet Tubman – Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

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Web Business & Marketing Resources

A couple of resources I thought I would mention of which I find extremely useful and visit regularly or think you may be interested in.

VA Forum – Although I am certain I could be giving tips and information on a stack of SEO forums, it’s juts not quite my cup of tea. Instead I spend a fair bit of time where possible on the VA forum.

A great bunch of people who are all running businesses of various sizes and have a mountain of knowledge to share with any who ask.

Ez SEO NEws – If you haven’t heard of Andy Williams then you are either new to online marketing or have been living under a rock!

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Getting Your Business Online – NEIS Guide

Having discussed how to build an online web presence with quite a number of NEIS participants, I have noticed that there is very little knowledge if any on how to go about getting their businesses online.

I have therefore written a short guide that will help NEIS businesses or any business for that matter that explains how to simply go about getting a website up and running so that a web presence can be established.

The guide is not about marketing online, it simply states the steps to get your site built and put it on the web.

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Why Building Multiple Streams of Internet Income Does Not Work

Here are a couple of John Reese’s newly released videos… and yes they are all free.

1. Goals, planning and a lot more. thod.html

2. Why John is against “multiple streams of income” especially for online business that are just are staring out. .html

3. Mor explanations and discussion on “multiple streams of income”. income.html

Some great information no matter the stage of your online business and will be a profound wake up call for some.

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Online Business Strengths and Weaknesses

Although I now think about this topic a lot, having this foresight many years ago when I first started my online business would have been a huge advantage.

What I have found of my self and many online marketers is that they love gathering and learning new information… which is a great ability to have.

But on the down side of this, there are then tasks that such people shy away from or just don’t want to do.

The problem there is that depending on your website or online business, some of these tasks or parts are required for success to happen.

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Saving Money With Your Internet Business Costs

Is the money you spend on your internet business results or profit driven?

A simple question really however you would be amazed at how many businesses are spending a huge amount of money on needless items in a given month that are not required!

How many pieces of software, books or guides have you purchased that are going to waste?

Is that advertising returning you top profits? Have you tested, tested and re-tested to get the best results?

Is that membership site that is costing you $30, $50 or even $100 actually making you money?

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