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Having been online for some years I have subscribed and unsubscribed to more newsletters than I care to remember, probably in the 1,000′s!

Over the last year or two I have only stayed with a few that in my opinion are the absolute very best.

Below you will find each of these accompanied with a short synopsis.

SEO Newsletters/Ezines

Internet Marketing Secrets - By Michael Campbell.

It is a rare find to someone who has a depth of internet marketing, SEO and still personally replies to all email messages.

Michael has been online since 1996 and is someone who I class as one of the first and best search engine optimization experts. Not only does he know SEO extremelly well, he has also written several books on web site design (mini nets), internet marketing and ppc advertising.

Each newsletter comes brimming with ideas and techniques to help either improve overall traffic, rankings or ROI.

Further information can be found at –

Search Engine Guide –  By Robert Clough and associated authors.

Due to the many expert authors, Search Engine Guide delivers a large variety of up to date SEO and SEM tips and techniques on a fortnightly basis.

Definitely a newsletter worth subscribing to as they cover every facet of search including on site optimization, off site (linking) and huge array of current SEO and marketing news.

They also have offer an SEO forum which is definitely worth a look.

Further information can be found at – (subscription form located in the left hand navigation)

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