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Link Building Tips by Eric Ward

Anyone heard of Eric Ward? If you haven’t you’re either new to SEO and link building or been living under a rock some where!

Eric Ward has been doing link building forever and is probably known as one of “the” top experts in the field if not the top expert.

As you can imagine, Eric’s services don’t come cheap so when he gives any type of interview or opinion it’s nearly always a must read.

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How To Get Multiple Rankings For A Single Web Page

An interesting idea regarding obtaing rankings for a single page on multiple keywords – how to get multiple rankings for a single web page.

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Directory Links For SEO

Placing your link in major directories is still by far one of the best ways to not only increase ranking in the search engines but also obtain targeted traffic to your site.

When deciding on which directories to place links, authority directories should be your target whether it be local directories, major business directories or themed business specific directories.

Directory Qualities

Here is a quick list of items that should be considered when looking to place a link on directories.

  • Authority within market place
  • Age
  • Theme – by industry or country inbound links – number and quality
  • Yahoo listed
  • Dmoz listed
  • Links allowed – number
  • Internal page allowed
  • Price
  • Directory pages cached by major search engines
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General Link Building

Rules when linking…

1. Link to the same subject websites or at least within your larger business field/area.

2. Higher page rank sites best on the index page…. even better if higher on the links page.

3. Do not use link farm services. Link metro doesn’t quite fall in this category all saying this be choosey with whom
you link to.

4. Ranking for Goggle = quality over quantity. Ranking for Yahoo & Msn = quality & quantity.

5. Do not link to bad neighborhoods.

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Reciprocal Linking Discussion Burning My Ears

It really annoys me when the SE’s make slight changes to their algorithms that many so called SE experts make a song and dance that the old is now completely defunct and the new will save you from ranking oblivion!

What a load of rot.

Reciprocal linking with themed, on topic and useful sites that match your content is…

  • Great for your visitors.
  • And yes… still good for pushing you up in the SE’s.

And it will always be that way.

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