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Does Your Business Need SEO – Marketing Cost Comparison Calculator

What are your current marketing costs per website visitor? If you have no idea you certainly need to find out as SEO could be a much cheaper alternative.

As discussed in an earlier SEM post, small business has been slow to take up SEO and SEM as an alternative marketing method.

One of the main reasons for this hesitation is the belief that SEO is expensive which is simply not the case.

Your Current Marketing Costs

To draw some comparison we have to work out your current marketing costs per visitor to your website.

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Not Always Taking Googles Advice

For those who are interested an interesting converastion is going on at the UK Business Forums.

Should you always take Googles advise on eveything? I would say definitely not. You make up your own mind –


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Link Building Tips by Eric Ward

Anyone heard of Eric Ward? If you haven’t you’re either new to SEO and link building or been living under a rock some where!

Eric Ward has been doing link building forever and is probably known as one of “the” top experts in the field if not the top expert.

As you can imagine, Eric’s services don’t come cheap so when he gives any type of interview or opinion it’s nearly always a must read.

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How To Get Multiple Rankings For A Single Web Page

An interesting idea regarding obtaing rankings for a single page on multiple keywords – how to get multiple rankings for a single web page.

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SEO Article Submitter Software

Occasionally I need to submit an article or two to a few article directories to help with traffic and rankings. Here is a free SEO article submitter that will help you do this.

My general rules with this application and submitting articles are…

1. I personally only use it to submit to the top 10 or 12 article directories as I just don’t have the time to submit to all of them. Here is a list of the main article directories I submit to…

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Google SEO Documentation, White Papers & Information

Google over the years has produced a large amount of helpful information that gives us great insight to how their search engine works.

This information includes and is not limited to terms of service details, white papers, discussion groups and blogs.

The following is therefore a list of these resources which mainly focus on SEO, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. This list does not include tool, it is a list of documents that Google has produced (in the main) that provide valuable insights into how Google works.

Using these insights will help you to better understand how search works and give you some very good tips on how to improve rankings.

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