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Lotus Jump Review

Lotus Jump is new tool being offered for small business owners who wish to increase their inbound links for SEO purposes.

Before jumping into my short review, here are some other comments on the service…

Lotus Jump Pros

  • A great way for small business or the SEO beginners to jump in, get there feet wet and start to develop backlinks.
  • Removes a large proportion of the usual time it takes to find backlink resources. One of my main comments has always been – “SEO is not hard just time consuming”.
  • A simple to use interface with clear instructions on how to complete each task quickly and effectively.
  • Both the “competitive” and “buzz” tasks look to be highly effective in building backlinks to your index page and deeper pages that are on theme.
  • The main pro is definitely saving the small business owner time in finding appropriate backlinks.
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A Wordpess Silo Plugin When Your Not Having A Silo Plugin

What makes a good silo or themed site/blog in terms of SEO? That it is actually a silo structure would be a great help to start one would think!

Well the guys over at have attempted to build a silo plugin for wordpress but to be honest have done a pretty poor job.

A typical silo or theme structure runs all pages off a category page or index, thus the name silo.

What these guys have come up with is to link one category page to the next and then eventually back to the next category. Sound like a silo to you? I don’t think so.

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