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Google Not Taking Any Action On Blatant Duplicate Websites

It is a sad day when one has to resort to writing on a social network to get Google to comply with their own guidelines.

After notifying Google 3 times (Google spam/complaints) over an eight month period, posting a comment on Matt Cutts blog (of which was not accepted mind you) and even phoning Google in Sydney, Google has still done nothing about a website which easily breaks their guidelines having multiple duplicate sites which are clearly stated?

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A Different Pace – Bali Break

Well, I finally got away for that much needed break!

I am currently sitting in a lovely resturant in my hotel in Bali… a cold beer on the table and lounging around in a surong and tank top.

Another week or so before coming back to the office so hope to get in some sun and sights.

Will post further notes during the day and hopefully throw up some pics as well!


Our main stay – bungalows in Seminyak.

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Views On Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI

Leslie Rhodes over at has recently put out a video claiming that…

  1. Latent sematic indexing is not used by the search engines.
  2. That the search engines use a much better and more advanced way of determining what keywords have meaning to each other.

Unfortunately his examples of taking high competition keywords as singular and plural in the rankings just does not strand up due to the input of other algorithms.

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The Business Year Ahead – 2009

Well it’s a new year and we’re back into it already. Just spending this week catching up and planning for the year ahead.

I hope everyone had a relaxing time over Christmas and the new year!

I personally find this time of year a great time to actually remove yourself from your computer or away from the desk and take note of how the previous year went.

What was done well, what could have been improved, what business goals do you have for the year, how do you hope to achieve them?

I always find planning and mapping these items out with a defined time line is the best way to go.

So best of luck and here’s to a great year ahead!

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