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WordPress SEO Plugins

An assorted range of free SEO plugins and scripts for wordpress.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator | WordPress plugin – Creates drop down menu’s of categories, sub categories, and posts. Java application therefore all catergory links are hidden from the serach engines.

SEO Title Tag | WordPress plugin – Allows you to place a different title tag from the one used in the wordpress “post” box.

Add Link Attribute | WordPress plugin – Allows you to add link atrributes to all links on your wordpress blog.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin | WordPress plugin – Ads meta description and keywords to your wordpress posts.

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How to Succeed At Business Blogging

Business blogging – what it takes to succeed!

  • Effort
  • Thought
  • Tthinking about your customers
  • Getting their feedback
  • Writing informative articles about your products, services and industry
  • Attraction versus interuption
  • Long term client retention and more
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WordPress Admin Panel – Introduction Whiz Around

Are you new to wordpress and not sure how to write up posts, scrutinize comments before they are placed on your blog and install plugins?

Well no need to worry as you are not alone! As I myself am getting busier with helping readers and clients learn about wordpress, I am getting more and more people asking about doing these simple tasks at the beginning of their learning process.

I have therefore whipped together a quick video which whizzes around the wordpress admin panel showing the different section and giving some easy instructions on how to use each.

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WordPress Ping List

A list of aggregators to ping for your wordpress blog.

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How To Market Your Blog & Rss Feed

So you’ve got your blog set up and now you want to get the word out about you new blog! Here are some very easy and practical steps to help you get the crowd coming to your blog.

1. Set up your ping list.

Make sure you have your ping list set up on you blog software so that every time you write a post it pings the major rss aggregators.

All bog platforms usually have a setting where you can place a ping list. For wordpress it’s under options > writing.

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New Blog Rss Resource Website – Books Tutorials Software Scripts

I thought it time to put together a new bog and rss resource that covers a assortment of information all under the one roof so to speak.

The new site has a fair whack of information including where to find blog and rss books, tutorials, scripts, software, directories, authority sites and more.

Always on the look out for more ideas, so if anyone thinks other items should be added I’m all ears.

Cheers, Chris

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