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An assorted range of free SEO plugins and scripts for wordpress.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator | WordPress plugin – Creates drop down menu’s of categories, sub categories, and posts. Java application therefore all catergory links are hidden from the serach engines.

SEO Title Tag | WordPress plugin – Allows you to place a different title tag from the one used in the wordpress “post” box.

Add Link Attribute | WordPress plugin – Allows you to add link atrributes to all links on your wordpress blog.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin | WordPress plugin – Ads meta description and keywords to your wordpress posts.

Google Sitemaps | WordPress plugin – Builds and submits an xml sitemap to Google based on your blogs navigation.

Technorati Tags | SSO – Allows you to place and ping keywords to Technorati when writing each post.

NoFollow From Home | WordPress plugin – Places the nofollow tag in all posts on the home/index page of your blog.

Social Bookmarking | WordPress plugin – Allows readers to social bookmark your posts and content on the main social bookmarking websites.

Content Syndication | WordPress plugin – Places a button on your sidebar so readers may syndicate your blogs content and posts.

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  1. Yeah definitely I’ve said time and time again when I talk about WordPress, but if your site gets any decent amount of traffic, you must use wordpress super cahe. This plugin is amazing. It gives me the flexibility to keep server costs down and still have a high performing website.

  2. Hey,
    Yes, great article and SEO Plugins site.

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