Catdynamics SEO Core Business Philosophy…

Helping small online businesses achieve unique distinction & maximum growth by building “client focused relationships”

About Catdynamics SEO

Catdynamics SEO owned and operated by Chris Taylor is an SEO, web development and marketing company offering assorted services to the small business online.

Since our conception in early 2002, the business and this website have seen many changes. We now offer an a variety of services, information and resources including:

  • SEO, blog, web development and marketing consulting.
  • SEO and blog services and packages.
  • Our Essential SEO Guide (pdf book).
  • Free instructional business guides.
  • SEO/webmaster news & tips blog/newletter.
  • Web development/internet marketing tools and tutorials directory.
  • Rss feeds directory and services.

About Chris Taylor


  • Catdynamics SEO - 2002 to present
  • Mortgage Link Australia, Marketing Consultant – 2000 to 07
  • Weatherguard Industries, Sales Manager – 1997 to 98


  • Certificate IV in Human Resource Operations - 1999
  • Certificate in Small Business Planning & Operations – 1995
  • Associate Diploma of Marketing (1year) – 1993/94

Catdynamics SEO Business Structure

Like many businesses these days Catdynamics SEO run from a home office or what is maybe better know as a small office home office (SOHO).

The advantages in doing so are many including no daily travel grind and the ability to keep overheads at a minimum and pass such savings onto our clients.
One of the main advantages of running a SOHO business is the ability to find and recruit some the most talented technical people from around the globe.

Unlike traditional business where employees can become disinterested in their work and produce lower quality results, professional consultants continually produce only the best quality work so that continued projects are guaranteed.

We currently employ many expert consultants in but not limited to the following fields.

  • Link builders
  • Professional technicians (coders)
  • PR experts
  • SEO experts
  • Web designers
  • Writers
  • Virtual assistants

Slow Business Beginnings

I initially became involved with the internet due to my interest in psychology, sociology and personal growth.

Due to my background in sales and marketing I was drawn to this topic from which I launched my first website web traffic co. It was only by by sheer accident back in 2003 that I that I decided to learn SEO after placing my website on Yahoo and a few other business directories and noticing that by doing so I had gained a first page ranking and increased site hits.

From there I developed other sites in different niches earning revenue from affiliate sales and marketing services.

Today catdynamics SEO has four main SEO, blog, web development and marketing resources plus affiliate sites in various niche markets.

General Theory On Internet Business

Larger companies tend to have a marketing advantage due to the funds available for marketing and SEO campaigns.

Low start up overheads is one of the largest benefits to any “mum and dad” or solopreneur type business making a go of an online venture.

The biggest hurdle to any new and inexperienced business online is getting the correct information about business planning and marketing that will make the business succeed quickly and without over capitalizing.

This is simply due to the staggering amount of internet business misinformation that is currently available online.

SEO like any other, is just a profession. Prices for current SEO consulting services have now become extremely over inflated (an under statement) which is placing a large and unfair disadvantage on small, micro and solopreneur type businesses.

Business and social networking online plays a much larger role in the context of marketing than most people or businesses tend to think. Even poor business models, products and services can achieve better profits than a good internet business when networking is used to full advantage.

Building content, resources, being creative, innovative and unique is still the leading way to obtain the best marketing and SEO outcomes online.

Although becoming more difficult to find due to increased competition, niche markets can still be a great online business start up proposition.

Many new small internet businesses get stuck on the marketing guru merry go round which centers around purchasing more and more so called absolute “work for any business model” expert information but getting little done. (I was one!)

Any online business market segment online can be won with the correct business planning, marketing, SEO and networking strategies.

Maintaining and expanding a profitable online business requires an ongoing and consistent effort of updating and improving a websites resources, marketing and SEO campaigns and web networking in general.

Some Favorite Tools

  • Optilink – SEO link tool that analyses a websites keyword data information and inbound link data.
  • SEO Book Keyword Research Tool – A tool that references nearly all of the best keyword research applications currently online.
  • WordPress- Free online blogging platform which can be enhanced with an amazing variety of free themes, plugins and marketing scripts.
Favorite Books & Reports (Web Related)
  • Create & Sell Products Online – by Michael Green. Comprehensive guide to brainstorming, developing, building website and marketing a products on the internet.
  • Ecommerce Manifesto – by Rich Schefren. A free guide looking at basic business principles, why online ventures fail and successful yet simple business planning and marketing.
  • Revenge of The Mininet – by Michael Campbell. Free ebook to building mini sites and “mininets” using linking strategies for best ranking outcomes.
  • Site Sell – by Ken Evoy. One of the most in depth guides to web development and online marketing ever. Over 800 pages and now freely available.
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies – by Michael Wong. Another very good SEO book geared towards beginner and intermediate search engine marketers.
  • Trust Rank – by Zolt´an Gy¨ongyi, Hector Garcia-Molina & Jan Pedersen. A proposed automatic system that separates authority sites from non authority (spam) sites based on seed site selection.

Favorite Books (General)

  • Care Of The Soul (A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life) – Thomas Moore. A remarkable book on how to care for one self at a deeper level given the fast paced world we live in.
  • Crossing The Rubicon (The decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil) – Michael C Ruppert. One of the best researched books I have come across regarding  the attacks of 911 and powers that control the worlds wealth.
  • Guns Germs & Steel – Jared Diamond. A historical look at why and how agricultural and technological advances were integrated faster in different parts of the worlds geographic areas than others.
  • Lord Of The Rings – J.R.R Tolkien. Having read many authors on epic fiction Tolkien is undoubtedly the master. Read one of his books and you will be compelled to read all of them
  • Person To Person (the problem of being human) – Carl Rogers & Barry Stevens. A very human look at how we feel, emote, respond to others and see ourselves within our inner beings.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T Kiyosaki. The classic book on making money work for you rather than working for money.
  • Six Thinking Hats – Edward De Bono – The book for any business wanting to manage decision making at a much improved and faster standard.
  • The Road Less Traveled – M Scott Peck. A timeless book regarding solving life’s problems in ration but also spiritual manner.
  • The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey. A wonderful book regarding living a more structured, healthy and inspiring life.

More To Come…

I will be adding more information as time becomes available.